Sneak Peek: Wing by Peter Randall-Page

We have been busy installing an exciting sculpture by world-class artist Peter Randall-Page.

Wing is made up of ceramic tiles that are inspired by the intricate patterns of dragonfly wings.

Staff have been working with Peter Randall-Page to install this innovative artwork. A magnetic system and custom-made templates helped them to create its precise structure.

Wing by Peter Randall-Page tiles on template

With scaffolding in place and Peter’s template to guide them, staff screwed approx. 1400 countersunk Rare Earth magnets to the wall. These magnets attach to metal plates on the backs of the ceramic tiles.

Meanwhile, Peter and his assistant Jo Crook laid out the pairs of tiles on a half template. Each tile has its own number that corresponds with those in the templates. This system ensured that tiles were placed correctly on the wall.

Staff then drilled around each tile and applied more than 2200 stainless steel retaining mounts for extra stability.

Watch out for the upcoming press release on this distinctive installation.

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