The Silver Wave: Schools education pack

Following the exhibition of The Silver Wave, critically acclaimed filmmaker Michelle Williams Gamaker’s interpretation of the moving story of Ada Blackjack, RAMM has produced a new education pack for schools.

This Key Stage 2 education pack has been designed to complement The Silver Wave, which can be viewed in the museum until 25th July 2021 and also online. The pack provides background information to the film and an insight into contemporary art practice. It gives ideas for classroom activities linked to the film and to the National Curriculum.

Michelle Williams Gamaker said,

‘This education pack offers so much to unpack some of the ideas that went into making The Silver Wave; which is a film of many layers. I am particularly excited that students might “time-travel” with Ada to think about her epic experiences and her achievement of survival, against all odds in the Arctic.’

The Silver Wave education pack was researched and written by Christine Johns. Johns undertook a contemporary art placement at RAMM organised in conjunction with the University of Plymouth. Christine said,

‘I was delighted to be offered the student placement to work on The Silver Wave. It enabled me to undertake work experience in a highly respected museum, even during the pandemic. The placement was relevant to both aspects of my degree; BA Joint (Hons) Fine Art and Art History at Plymouth University. It made use of my interests in both the historical and the contemporary. A highlight of the placement was meeting with Michelle Williams Gamaker (by Zoom of course!) and hearing first-hand from her why and how she created the artwork; as well as what she felt was important to include in the education pack.’

The pack can be downloaded here.

Find out more about The Silver Wave and the extraordinary story of Ada Blackjack here.