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Flower Power exhibition poster

Flower Power exhibition poster

Flower Power. Botanical illustrations from India

11 June to 11 September 2016

An exhibition of beautiful early 19th-century illustrations from RAMM’s collection of Indian flora exploring the plants’ usage in traditional Ayurvedic and  modern medicine.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries the East India Company controlled much of the Indian subcontinent. Keen to exploit and export valuable natural commodities, the Company set out to record the flora of India and commissioned Indian artist to create detailed botanical illustrations.

Many of the plants were known through their use in Ayurvedic medicine. One of the world’s oldest medicinal systems, it has been practiced in India for 3,000 years with plants being used to treat ailments from skin complaints, wounds and stomach ache to internal bleeding, malaria and epilepsy.

These rare scientifically valuable works are a testament to the Company’s contribution to the advancement of botanical science. Surviving records of wages and the pigments and papers used help tell the story of the artists and their specialist techniques.

This exhibition was made possible by the generosity of Arts Council of England’s PRISM fund and The Finnis Scott Foundation.



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