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Kurt Jackson Revisiting Turners Tourism

Kurt Jackson Revisiting Turners Tourism

Kurt Jackson: Revisiting Turner’s Tourism

10 September to 4 December 2016

An exhibition of works by the contemporary British artist Kurt Jackson and J.M.W. Turner.

In 2013 Jackson was given access to the University of Exeter’s collection of Turner engravings, produced to promote tourism through ‘the picturesque’. The exhibition was based on his responses to Turner’s series.

Jackson visited 12 of the locations in Devon and Cornwall depicted by Turner – from Land’s End to Exeter – to investigate and record the profound changes that have occurred between the 19th century and the present. The exhibition showcased a diverse body of work in a variety of media with accompanying film, sketchbooks and other relevant material. Jackson’s new works was shown together with the engravings that  inspired them.

Kurt Jackson has worked within the landscape for over 30 years. Largely influenced by current concerns and seen through an environmental slant, he has become fascinated by the dynamic element of change through both our own pressure and the natural processes upon the Earth. He is based  in Cornwall, although his practice has taken him throughout the country and to the continent.

The exhibition was accompanied by the app Exploring Turner’s landscape with Kurt Jackson. With the app, you can investigate the landscape that inspires both J.M.W. Turner and Kurt Jackson. Visit the sites featured in the artists’ works to find the exact sports they painted from. You can then share your findings and comments on social media.


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