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A day at the seaside

Life Through the Lens: a say at the seaside

Life Through the Lens

6 October 2012 to 27 January 2013

The Life Through the Lens exhibition invites you to question the nature of still and moving image as a record of the past.

Showcasing images from RAMM’s collection of magic lantern slides, cine film contributed by members of the public, and digital images generated by local young people, you are invited to explore the nature of the recorded past. What can images tell us about people and places? What images have survived? What should museums preserve for the future?

Magic lantern slides

These lantern slides are from the museum’s collection, and date from the 1910s – 1930s. They are just some of the original photographic images from which prints in this exhibition have been taken.

Magic lantern slides developed in the 1850s and remained popular until the 1950s. The photographic image was developed onto a piece of glass, with another piece of glass placed on top to safely encase the image. Each slide could be projected from a magic lantern projector for large audiences to view.

The slides are not as permanent as people thought as they are easily cracked or broken. Written labels, where they exist, become torn. Reference numbers are meaningless without their associated catalogues, which often no longer exist.

Explore RAMM’s collection of magic lantern slides on Collections Explorer.

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