Life and Death in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is sold out for the summer term. We will be taking bookings for the autumn term from 11 July 2022.

Book a full day of up to 5 activities or a half-day of up to 3 activities in which the children will take an active role in their learning about the fascinating world of the ancient Egyptians. From writing in hieroglyphs to their beliefs about death and ideas about gods and animals, life and death in ancient Egypt has captivated young and old for thousands of years. Our schools team will inform and guide the children throughout their visit. From £2.50 per child


Each activity takes approximately 30 minutes to complete:

  • Egyptian Mummification
  • Senet
  • Artefact Handling
  • Animals of Ancient Egypt
  • Tour of the tomb of Shep en-Mut

Prices start at £2.50 per child for a half-day visit or £3.00 for a whole day visit or £4.50 including a private room for lunch. Minimum cost £72 for activities and £48 (excluding VAT) for the lunch room apply.

We recommend 7/8 pupils per activity (max 10/12 for larger groups) to provide the best experience. The activities are aimed at Key Stage 2 (7 to 11 year old).

Maximum of 62 pupils per day from two classes, accompanied by four school staff/assistants.

The sessions are available Tuesdays to Thursdays 10.30am to 2.30pm.


Please complete the online RAMM School Visit Enquiry Form

Before you arrive

You can explore the galleries of the museum, including the Egyptian Tomb, and take a look at our wonderful collection of Egyptian artefacts online using RAMM’s online database.

More activity information


This is the opportunity for the children to gain a good insight into the reasons for, and the practice of ancient Egyptian mummification. They will each have a role to play in mummifying a life-sized doll of RAMM’s own mummy Shep en-Mut and learn about what was placed on the body and in the tomb to help send her on her journey to the afterlife.


The children can see how the ancient Egyptians amused themselves in their spare time with the fun ancient Egyptian board game of Senet. Learn how to play and have a go.

Artefact Handling

The children have the opportunity to handle and discuss real and replica artefacts. Asking questions they will learn about them whilst considering which are real and which are replica. They will be told a brief version of the Rosetta Stone, widely considered to be the most important Ancient Egyptian artefact to have been discovered. Following in Howard Carter’s shoes they get to peer inside a tomb and consider his feelings on first looking into the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Animals of Ancient Egypt

Were animals important to the Ancient Egyptians? Did they know about animals from the rest of Africa? Which animals in RAMM were known and important to them? Using the information provided, the children will seek out animals and related objects on display which have a connection to those known by the Ancient Egyptians. They will be able to link them to the gods and consider their thoughts about them in life and death. Finally, there may be the chance to sketch one of RAMM’s most iconic African animal.

Tour of the tomb of Shep en-Mut

The children will meet our mummy, Shep en-Mut as she lies within her beautifully painted cartonnage. It is a chance to learn about who she was and see some of RAMM’s collection of artefacts to find out more about life and death in ancient Egypt.

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