Romans in Devon

Roman Devon is sold out for the summer term. We will be taking bookings for the autumn term from 11 July 2022.

Book a full day of up to 5 activities or a half-day of up to 3 activities in which the children will take an active role in their learning about life as a Romano Briton in the years following the invasion of Britain in AD43 and their arrival in Exeter in AD55. Our schools team will inform and guide the children throughout their Roman Devon visit. From £2.50 per child


Each activity takes approximately 30 minutes to complete:

  • Home Life
  • Tunics, Togas and Uniform
  • Roman and Ancient British Tour
  • Be a Roman Mosaicist and Scribe
  • Design Your Own Oil Lamp

Prices start at £2.50 per child for a half-day visit or £3.00 for a whole day visit or £4.50 including a private room for lunch. Minimum cost £72 for activities and £48 (excluding VAT) for the lunch room apply.

We recommend 7/8 pupils per activity (max 10/12 for larger groups) to provide the best experience. The activities are aimed at Key Stage 2 (7 to 11 year old).

Maximum of 62 pupils per day from two classes, accompanied by four school staff/assistants

The sessions are available on selected days Tuesdays to Thursdays 10.30am to 2.30pm.


Please complete the online RAMM School Visit Enquiry Form

Before you arrive

You can explore the galleries of the museum and don’t forget to view the Seaton Down Hoard.

More activity information

Home life

What did Romano Britons’ have in their homes and what did they eat? Was it very different for rich and poor people? Through object handling, the children will gain an insight into life in a Roman Devon home. They can use a mortarium and pestillum, find out what Garum (Colatura) is and learn about the pottery and jewellery as well as how to use a strigil and spongia when visiting the public baths.

Tunics, Togas and Uniforms

What did a Roman and Romano Briton wear? The children will learn about the clothing and uniforms. There is the opportunity to try on some tunics and compare what girls and boys wore. They will learn who would wear a toga and how to wear one by dressing each other. How heavy was Roman armour? They can try some on and feel the weight.

Roman and Ancient British Tour

Find out about the arrival of a Roman Legion in Isca, the construction of the fortress and bathhouse. Discover what life was like in the civilian city of Isca Dumnonoirum when the legion left. What did the Romans leave behind in Devon and Exeter? Learn about the Seaton Down Hoard and view the complete coin hoard which is on permanent display.

Be a Roman Mosaicist and Scribe

How did the Romans make such amazing mosaic floors? The children will learn about the art of the mosaicist and have a go themselves using real Roman tesserae discovered beneath Exeter’s streets and buildings. What did Romans write on and what language did they use? They will be able to write words and phrases in Latin using styli and beeswax tablets.

Design Your Own Oil Lamp

Visit our Ancient Worlds gallery to look at the figurines and oil lamps. The children will learn about the history of oil lamps and how the ’Italian’ style became dominant throughout the Roman world including Britain. Using our template, they can design their own Roman oil lamp.

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