The Second World War and the Exeter Blitz

Second World War is sold out for the summer term. We will be taking bookings for the autumn term from 11 July 2022.

Book a full day of up to 5 activities or a half-day of up to 3 activities in which the children will take an active role in their learning about life during the Second World War on the Home Front through some of the darkest days in Britain’s history. They will learn not only about survival, but about how people worked together to ‘do their bit’ to help the war effort. Our schools team will inform and guide the children throughout their visit. From £2.50 per child


Each activity takes approximately 30 minutes to complete:

  • Exeter Blitz and Home Life
  • Clothing and Uniform
  • Air Raids and the ARP Warden
  • Rationing, Food and Dig For Victory
  • A Postcard Home

Prices start at £2.50 per child for a half-day visit or £3.00 for a whole day visit or £4.50 including a private room for lunch. Minimum cost £72 for activities and £48 (excluding VAT) for the lunch room apply.

We recommend 7/8 pupils per activity (max 10/12 for larger groups) to provide the best experience. The activities are aimed at Key Stage 2 (7 to 11 year old).

Maximum of 62 pupils per day from two classes, accompanied by four school staff/assistants

The sessions are available on selected dates Tuesdays to Thursdays 10.30am to 2.30pm.


Please complete the online RAMM School Visit Enquiry Form

Before you arrive

You can explore the galleries of the museum and don’t forget to view our Anderson Shelter online using RAMM’s online database.

More activity information

Exeter Blitz and Home Life

Learn about the Exeter Blitz and Second World War home life through genuine artefacts. What were the different types of bomb dropped on the city? Have a go at dealing with an incendiary device. The children will study images of the devastation and how this was dealt with during and after the air raids. They can handle and consider the ordinary things people had in their homes to learn about their everyday lives and listen to a 78RPM record on a genuine wind-up gramophone.

Clothing and Uniform

Try on clothing and uniforms of the courageous people in the Civil Defence and learn about the roles of volunteers giving up their time to be members of the Women’s Voluntary Service, those working on the farms and woodland as part of the Women’s Land Army and Timber Corps. Also, the brave members within Air Raid Precautions (ARP) doing their bit as wardens, fire fighters, rescuers, ambulance drivers and first aiders and, of course, the Home Guard.

Air Raids and the ARP Warden

Find out about the work of an Exeter Air Raid Warden through his uniform and equipment. Listen to first-hand accounts of people who lived through the Blitz while watching recordings of the time. Experience a real air raid through headphones while sitting in a real Anderson Shelter. It will give the children a chance to truly empathise with those living through the early hours of 4th May 1942.

Rationing, Food and Dig for Victory

The children will handle and talk about genuine artefacts to consider what food was rationed. They will discuss how people made do whilst helping themselves and others to be part of the ‘Grow Your Own and Dig for Victory’ campaign. After this, they can design their own Dig for Victory garden using our templates.

A Postcard Home

The children will meet Doris, our very own evacuee child to consider her reason for being here and her thoughts and feelings. They will learn about Operation Pied Piper, the Evacuation Scheme and consider what items Doris has brought with her on her journey. After reading a genuine postcard from a mother to her evacuated child, they will write a reply on our template. This can be taken back to school for completion.

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