Ancient Egypt online learning

If you are learning about Ancient Egypt at school, these activities will help you. Enjoy doing all or some of them. Your teacher might ask you to do other work by using some of the information and real objects that are in the RAMM in Exeter.

Click on the header of each section below to access the relevant activity sheet. Have fun and don’t forget to give us your feedback

Design your own pyramid of society

What jobs did people do in Ancient Egypt. Learn how the Egyptians valued people and their jobs.

Make an Ancient Egyptian tomb

A chance to get really creative and amaze your family. You will need a cardboard box and some crafty skills.

Make and play Senet

Learn how to play the Ancient Egyptian game of Senet. Make your own game board and challenge your family to a contest.

Create your own Rosetta Stone

Find out why the Rosetta Stone is important. Enjoy writing and drawing to make your own version.

Join the scribe school

Have you got what it takes to become a scribe? Join our scribe school and learn how to write hieroglyphs.

The hippopotamus in Egypt

Learn about why hippopotami were important to the Ancient Egyptians and colour in/paint a hippopotamus.

Egyptian animal god challenge

Do some detective work to discover which Egyptian gods were linked to some of the animals in RAMM’s collection.

Information for teachers

This information accompanies the activity sheets and explores various aspects of Ancient Egyptian life and death, as well as exploring the mummy of Shep en-Mut at RAMM.

We hope you have enjoyed these activities and we would be grateful if you could spend 2 minutes giving us your feedback

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