Treasures of the Museum

In summer 2021 we launched Treasures of the Museum, an exciting trail highlighting sixteen of the museum’s most iconic objects. After taking part in the trail or exploring the objects online, we asked you to vote for your favourite. The winner was Gerald, our iconic Masai, or Kilimanjaro, Giraffe. Standing at 17 feet tall, Gerald has won the hearts of children and adults alike ever since he first took up residency at RAMM over 100 years ago.

View the videos below to find out more about each of the sixteen objects.


Alison, RAMM volunteer

Stanley crane

Holly Morgenroth, Curator

Samurai armour

Sarah Klopf, Conservator

Dead Calm

Rick Lawrence, Digital Media Officer

Puzzle Jug

Anne, RAMM volunteer


Stephanie Cherrett, Events Officer


Nicki McCaskie, Marketing Officer


Adam Garratt, Museum assistant

Corinthian Helmet

Helen Hartstein, Audience Development lead

Kingsteignton Figure

Julien Parsons, Collections lead


Tony Eccles. Curator

Seaton Down Hoard

Tom Cadbury, Curator

Totem Pole

Marilyn, RAMM volunteer

Charlotte Treadwin’s Lace

Shelley Tobin, Curator

Hedgeland’s Model of Exeter

Ben Clapp, Museum assistant

Tahitian Mourner’s Costume

Morwenna Stephens, Conservator