Ashanti Hare, River that never rests

19 March 2024 – 22 September 2024 

Ashanti Hare is a Devon-based multidisciplinary artist who explores their spiritual being through performances informed by traditional folk practices. Hare’s research into the minkisi or power bundles from the Congo in RAMM’s World Culture collections inspired their new commission for RAMM.  

Their filmed performance explores the River Exe as sentient. Hare describes it ‘as the watcher who connects the physical with documented histories of Exeter and the wider south west; other worlds; the many oral histories of global majority people and wildlife that travel to and through it’.   

Hare’s research into both the African origins of Vodou and Vodon practices and water gods in a range of African and Norse mythologies reveal water as a bridge between worlds. In these narratives, water represents the cyclical nature of grief; death and rebirth; joy and celebration. For Hare, water also becomes a ‘symbol for the transatlantic slave trade’.   

a still taken from a video recording. a person in balaclava-like headwear stands inside a circle made of cloth or material, holding a ceremonial bundle
Ashanti Hare, River that never rests, 2024

The cased display in RAMM’s courtyard shows their filmed performance and the objects used in their performance alongside nkisi from the museum’s collection.

Find out more about River that never rests: Ashanti Hare: River that never rests (