RAMM works with communities to make the museum a welcoming and accessible space for all, where stories are shared by many voices. The museum uses its unique collections and neutral, safe environment to inspire learning, creativity, enjoyment and wellbeing.

RAMM’s ethos is Home to a Million Thoughts. The museum invites stories to shine light on objects from a variety of angles, listen carefully to neglected voices and collaborate to understand ourselves and our world better.

The engagement team has a lot of experience of developing and co-creating activities alongside people of all ages and backgrounds, inside the museum and around the city. A visit might be a calm experience in the moment, or a loud extravaganza. These projects and programmes enable people to make connections to local places and people, as well as across the world and throughout time.

RAMM is open to new suggestions for community projects, especially around our current priority themes which are wellbeing, the environment, creativity for all, children and older people.

Get in touch with RAMM’s Engagement Officers: Maya Herbolzheimer and Ruth Gidley