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RAMM now offers museum-led visits for home educated children. Join us and take an active role in learning about the fascinating world of the Ancient Egyptians, Romans in Devon or the Second World War and the Exeter Blitz.

The sessions are aimed at children aged 7 to 11 (Key Stage 2). They are individually ticketed, allowing you to book just the number of places you require.

The maximum number of children that will be present in one session is 20, with a minimum of 12 children needed in total from all families booking to run the session. At least one parent/carer, who is prepared to participate, should accompany each family group, and remain with the children throughout.

There are five activities/tours to undertake during each museum-led visit and we will allocate you into smaller groups 6 to 8 to participate for up to 25 minutes in each activity/tour.

Arrival will be from 10am (10.15am on Tuesdays) with activities starting at 10.30am and finish at 2pm and will include a private room for the whole group to share. Lunch will be 12Noon to 12.45pm. It is recommended that you bring a packet lunch and any other snacks that are required. The private room can also be used as breakout space should a family member require it to step away from the active learning session.

Second World War for home educators

Romans in Devon for home educators

Ancient Egypt for home educators

We also offer craft sessions for home educators:

Photo of a person's hands holding a selection of small metal objects including a coin, a bird and a Lego brick

Making our own history – metalcraft for home educators | 18 June 2024 | Find out more and book

More for home educators at RAMM

RAMM has a range of free online learning resources for you to explore that support teaching and learning at home. Based on our collections and local links, our online learning is crammed full of historical facts, fun learning opportunities and creative ideas to inspire. Themes include the Second World War, Roman Devon, Ancient Egypt and Prehistory. They are aimed at children aged 7 – 11 but are available to anyone who is interested in history.

Home educated children and young people can also complete their Discover Arts Award at RAMM. This takes the form of a booklet that can be easily completed in a single trip. It is a creative and fun way to find out about RAMM and the many different things the museum has in it.

The museum provides a range of on-site family activities during the school holidays, and you can book free tickets to most paid exhibitions.

If you’re looking for inspiration at home, RAMM provides a range of free learning resources and activities to keep you occupied on a host of topics.

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