Roman Devon online learning

If you are learning about the Romans in Britain at school, these activities will help you. Enjoy doing all or some of them. Your teacher might ask you to do other work by using some of the information and real objects that are in the RAMM in Exeter.

Click on the header of each section below to access the relevant activity sheet. Have fun and don’t forget to give us your feedback

Exeter Roman fortress

Learn about the fortress that was built in Exeter and build your own fortress at home. Build a model fortress and explore the Exeter fortress on Minecraft. Create a Roman Soldier survival kit. Design your own fortress roof tile. Play Tavula.

Visit a Roman bathhouse

Find out what to expect when you visit a bathhouse. Make a leaflet to advertise Exeter new public Roman bathhouse that opened after the army left. Create your own papier-mache antefix. Plan your own spa experience at home. Play Trigon.

Dress like a Roman

What did Romans wear? Create your own toga or tunic. Make your own Roman brooch. Wear your creations.

Roman clothing quiz

Find out how much you have learnt about Roman clothing by completing the online quiz.

Make your own Roman mosaic

Design and make a mosaic from eggshells, a mosaic pizza, a mosaic bird feeder, a mosaic collage sign.

Design your own digital Roman mosaic

Learn how the Romans made mosaics. Then create your own mosaic and save it or share it with friends. You can chose from a modern or Roman colour palette and there are mosaic outlines to help you.

Measuring, numbers and treasure

Learn how to measure things using Roman measurements. Make a trundle wheel. What are Roman numerals and make some Roman numeral biscuits. Learn about Roman mathematics. Find out about buried treasure found in Devon. Make some Roman coins.

Information for teachers

This information accompanies the activity sheets and explores various aspects of Roman life in Devon, as well as exploring the Military Fortress and Bathhouse in Exeter.

We hope you have enjoyed these activities and we would be grateful if you could spend 2 minutes giving us your feedback