Are We Nearly There Yet?

A collaboration with University of Exeter Data Sciences department, Exeter Science Centre and community groups to explore the topic of transport in Exeter

Date of project: January – September 2024


RAMM, University of Exeter Data Sciences Department and Exeter Science Centre will work in partnership with local neighbourhood and community groups to co-produce a series of questions and resources inspired by the themes and content of the ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’ exhibition. The project will focus on working with people from socio-economically disadvantaged communities and those who do not regularly engage with the museum.

The project will explore some of the issues faced by local residents, related to transport e.g. pollution, congestion, public transport, inequalities of transport for people from lower-socio economic backgrounds etc.  The sessions will be underpinned by academic research and will consider accessibility, affordability and performance of different modes of transport.

Model of Exeter bus


What public transport do people use to get around the city?

Have people considered alternative forms of public transport/green travel and what would deter them from considering each of these?

What forms of transport/infrastructure are missing from the city?

Project aims

The outcomes of this collaboration will be shared in the exhibition, through interactive content which will highlight contemporary voices and issues and enrich the experience of visitors.

The project aims to involve people who do not regularly engage with RAMM.  It also aims to provide opportunities for academics to engage visitors with their areas of research.  Participants in the community sessions and visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to contribute to live research projects.  University students will also support the project, providing them with opportunities to gain knowledge about working with the public, in a public setting.

Further information

Eleanor Coleman

Engagement Officer, RAMM

[email protected]