Are we nearly there yet? Announcing RAMM's new summer exhibition

Announcing our summer exhibition Are we nearly there yet? A history of transport 🚌✈️🚂

Join us at RAMM to explore the ways people have moved through spaces, venturing across centuries and continents – from the grind of the daily commute to once-in-a-lifetime journeys across the globe, human ingenuity has found a way to travel by land, air and water. 🌍

This exhibition will explore how transport has developed over the centuries and the people and events which have shaped it, as told through objects in RAMM’s collections.

See unique objects, such as a sled from Captain Scott’s ill-fated 1911-12 expedition to the Antarctic, parachute material made by local firm Heathcoat Fabrics, which played a crucial role in NASA’s 2020 mission to Mars, as well as travelling outfits, artworks, vehicles and transport ephemera.

This summer, discover the impact our transport choices can have on the environment around us and the wider issue of climate change, and consider what the future of transport in Exeter might look like.

‘The ability to get from place to place quickly and easily is something we take for granted today, but it has taken centuries of human innovation to get us here.

‘As we come to terms with the challenges of climate change and what that might mean for how we travel in the future, this exhibition aims to encourage us all to consider our own use of transport and how we might need to adapt and change to meet these challenges.’

Holly Carter-Chappell, Exhibition Curator

Are we nearly there yet? is a free exhibition opening 15 June at RAMM.

Exhibition supported by Great Western Railway and Stagecoach.