Celebrate LGBT+ History Month with RAMM

Join us this February as we celebrate the rich LGBTQ+ heritage embedded in the collections at RAMM which is being explored through the Out and About-Queering the Museum project.

LGBTQ+  history and heritage is being revealed in an 18-month Heritage Lottery Funded project: Out and About: Queering the Museum, a collaboration between curators and engagement specialists at RAMM; Dr Jana Funke from the University of Exeter and socially engaged artist, writer Natalie McGrath, and LGBTQ+ communities from the South West and further afield. To mark the LGBT+ History Month we will be looking back at the work done so far and sharing exciting new opportunities to get involved in the future of the project.

Discover how artists Caleb Parkin, Oren Shoesmith, Carina Miles and Charice Bhardwaj have been exploring otherwise hidden or obscured aspects of RAMM’s collections, explore queer botanical objects with project intern Ashley Eyvanaki , and check out (and join in with) the project’s Queer Collectors Case, made up of queer objects submitted by LGBTQ+ people. In addition, find out more about the project launch and other virtual events such as Queer Love, Desire and Faith which explored how queer, trans and gender-diverse people relate to religion and faith.

Discover a selection of LGBTQIA objects in the Rainbow Trail, a project created through a collaboration between young LGBTQ+ people, Dr Jana Funke, Natalie McGrath and RAMM, which explores gender and sexual diversity across time, space and culture.

This LGBTQ+ History Month follow RAMM on social media to discover how LGBTQ+ heritage is being uncovered, created and shared through the collections. Visit the Out and About: Queering the Museum website to find out more about the project.