Run with the salmon!

Salmon Run is an exciting pilot project by the Creative Arc, a collaboration between the University of Exeter, Exeter City Council and RAMM.

On Sunday 25 September 2022, a relay of runners of different ages and abilities will journey from the sea at Exmouth to the salmon spawning grounds in the River Barle – a journey of over 50 miles – passing a hand printed salmon ‘icon’ between them as they go. Their route follows the journey of returning salmon on their odyssey from the wild north Atlantic, to the shaded river valleys of Exmoor.

The Atlantic salmon is a keystone species, an indicator of the health of our waters. The story of the salmon also tells us about climate change and changing water temperatures in seas and rivers, water flow and water quality and barriers to movement which, through our industrial past, we have placed in the river. Europe’s salmon have declined by 93% since 1970. In the past, salmon ran in their thousands in the Exe, now a question often asked is: When are the salmon coming back?

Would you like to be part of Salmon Run? Participants can join in either for a short course through Exeter’s Riverside Valley park (3km or 1.5km), or for longer runs between 6-6km in relay teams. The runs will be co-ordinated with Ceri Rees of Wild Running, a CIC with expertise in organising bespoke trail runs.

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