Self-led education group visits

Gallery closures

In Fine Feather (birds) and Fly on the Wall (insects) will be closed from Tuesday 16 January 2024 until later in the year.

You may have noticed that we are having our leaking 1930s roof replaced and this necessitates the closure of these two galleries.

Teacher/lecturer-led group visits for schools, colleges and universities. Click the ‘Book now’ button to see the next available dates.

You can generally book a group of up to 120 students to each two hour slot on available days unless another group has already booked part of the 120 allocation for their visit. Slots start at 10am*, Noon and 2pm.

A room for baggage and lunch can be hired, subject to availability on request from 01392 265858. Alternatively you may request use of our garden area behind the museum for snack/lunch breaks on fine days.

No eating is allowed inside the museum. Ideally bags and coats should remain with each student as they walk around the museum unless you have booked a room.

NOTE: *visit slots start at 10.30am on Tuesdays, other days remain at 10am

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Entry slots at 10am*, Noon, and 2pm. Click ‘Book Now’ to see available dates



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