Second World War and the Exeter Blitz online learning

If you are learning about the Second World War at school, these activities will help you. Enjoy doing all or some of them. Your teacher might ask you to do other work by using some of the information and real objects from Devon that are in the RAMM in Exeter. Click on the header of each section below to access the relevant worksheet. Have fun and don’t forget to give us your feedback

Learn about the Home Front

Read about the brave volunteer roles that men and women stepped into to help their communities.

Pack an evacuee suitcase

Learn why lots of children left the cities to live in the countryside with complete strangers. What did they need to take with them? Choose what you would pack in your suitcase.

Make a personal evacuee postcard

Imagine you are living away from home and your mum writes to you on a postcard. Make a message to send back, and think of ways to keep in touch with people you can’t see right now.

Design your own Dig for Victory Garden

Food is in short supply. You need to plant vegetables and fruit anywhere you can. Here is your chance to become a garden designer when it’s not so easy to pop to the shops.

Create a wartime poster

Posters were a good way for the government to get across important messages and information to the public. Check these out and design you own.

Exeter Blitz voices

Listen to these amazing memories of the war in Exeter from real people who lived through it as children.

Home Front quiz

How much do you know about the Second World War? Test yourself with this fun quiz.

Information for teachers

This information includes first-hand quotes from Exeter residents who lived through the Blitz. Their memories were recorded for the Exeter Heritage Project in 1987.

We hope you have enjoyed these activities and we would be grateful if you could spend 2 minutes giving us your feedback