Blast from the past

Ever wanted to meet a real Roman soldier? Or unravel the mysteries of Ancient Egypt? Or find out what drives a lady to become a collector in the ‘man’s-world’ of the Victorian era? Now’s your chance!

Come and meet these time travellers from the past as they wander around RAMM, and dive into our collection with first-hand knowledge from the people who used some of our objects long before they were put into cases. How did Romans play the board game now on display in our Making History gallery? What did 1920s archaeologists learn about Shep-en-mut’s tomb in Ancient Worlds? How did it feel to discover the hundreds of prehistoric flint tools in the ‘Finders Keepers?’ gallery? Our time travelling guests will be moving around the museum throughout the day – can you find them all?

Event Information

Dates and Times

  • 16 February 2024 10.30am – 3.30pm




Throughout RAMM

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