What do you heart?

Forget heart emojis this year – come along and a weave a paper heart at RAMM ready for Valentine’s Day… but with a twist.

While the ‘heart’ maybe linked to this lovey-dovey day of kisses and roses, love isn’t restricted to romance. Feel free to weave a red paper heart and give it to that special someone, but who else do you heart? A friend? A family member? A pet? 

Or maybe there’s something bigger? Perhaps you love the environment and would like to make a big green heart to express it? 

Is there a holiday destination you love, or a country you’ve heard about that’s you’d like to support? Why not make a heart based on that country’s flag? Or something to represent your school, town or community? 

Perhaps make a purple heart because that’s your favourite colour? Maybe a blue heart for your love of the ocean? A white heart for your hope for world peace? Your paper heart can be as big or as little – and its meaning as personal or as global – as you like.

Give it to a loved one, post it to a friend, hang it in your room, stick it on a card, or hold onto it as a memory of what it is you heart. 

Image by Freepik

Event Information

Dates and Times

  • 13 February 2024 10.30am – 3.30pm


Drop in – Last entry 3pm


£3.50 per child



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